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Despicable Me 4 is Utterly DISAPPOINTING… #shorts


Just checked out the new Despicable Me 4 trailer, and I gotta say, I’ve got some reservations about how this movie might turn out. My main worry? The introduction of Gru Jr., While he seems fine in the trailer, I can’t shake the feeling that he’s just a merchandising ploy, thrown in for some “haha, the baby did a thing” moments without adding much to the story. And oh boy, the Minions are back, and it looks like they’re getting another subplot. Not a big deal for me since they’ve always been a major part of the franchise. Dru’s sudden absence is a bit weird, though. Did he decide to go full villain or did the writers just forget about him? On the bright side, having Steve Carell and Will Ferrell on board should bring some solid laughs. But hey, it’s still early days after the first trailer, so I’m not jumping to conclusions just yet. What looks good now might turn out meh, and vice versa. What’s your take on it?
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