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Mind-Blowing Details in DESPICABLE ME 4 Trailer… #shorts


Check out these cool details we spotted in the Despicable Me 4 trailer that’ll blow your mind! Bob, one of the minions, is dressed up as a tennis ref, hinting at Gru and his family’s new classy vibe. And it totally fits with that scene where Gru and Lucy are all decked out in tennis gear at their swanky new pad. And speaking of Gru’s swanky new style, check out his snazzy shirt next to Margot. It’s pink and sleek, and if you hit pause at just the right moment, you’ll see it’s kind of like a knockoff of a famous tennis brand, Lacoste. You know, the one with the crocodile logo? Well, instead of a croc, they’ve got a turtle. Pretty clever move by Illumination to dodge any lawsuits drama!
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